Scotia-Glenville Girls

Softball league

President, Lisa Peretti-DiSorbo,

Vice President, Michelle Stark,

Secretary, Gina Cook,

Treasurer, Sharon Lotano-Wells,

Travel Program Director, Jonas DiSorbo,

Player Agent, Michelle Stark, and Lisa DiSorbo,

Coaches and Managers, Jonas DiSorbo,

Fundraising, Helene Bricault,

Buildings and Grounds, Jim Weinhofer

Equipment, Safety, and Umpires, Spencer Falco,

Website, Gina Cook,



2016-2017 Board

Our Location

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S-G Softball Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, year round. We welcome any input from our community. Please email Gina Cook at or fill out the Send Us A Message form to add an item to our agenda.